The Utah Full-Day Kindergarten Now! Coalition is a joint project of several community organizations and associations. The Coalition has the support and involvement of staff from the Utah State Board of Education, as well as administrators and educators working in Utah's Local Education Agencies (LEAs). Our purpose is to advocate for full state funding for optional full-day kindergarten programs that serve all interested and willing families.

Since 2019, core members of our Coalition have been:

  • Researching kindergarten policies, practices and access in Utah and other states;

  • Reviewing kindergarten performance metrics at both the state and local levels;

  • Meeting with district and charter school leaders to gather insight and input;

  • Lobbying to increase kindergarten funding via the Optional Enhanced Kindergarten program, as well as through new funding explicitly for the expansion of optional FDK programs statewide;

  • Gauging support for optional FDK expansion among parents, teachers and the general public; and

  • Getting the word out about the limited and inequitable optional FDK access in Utah.


We believe that every family in Utah should have the choice and opportunity to enroll their kindergarteners in an optional full-day program. FDK is an effective, time-tested early education intervention for our children and a cost-saving public investment in the future of our state.

Every school district and charter school should be able to offer the appropriate blend of programming to meet the needs of the families in their communities. Kindergarten options for Utah families should not be decided solely by the local funding available in different communities.


This website was developed and is maintained by the following Coalition Core Partners: United Way of Salt Lake, Utah PTA and Voices for Utah Children.

If you have questions or inquiries regarding content found on this site, please email us at UtahFDKCoalition@gmail.com.

Utah Full-Day Kindergarten Now Coalition Members

The undersigned entities share the belief that every family in Utah should have the choice and opportunity to enroll their kindergarteners in an optional full-day program. This Coalition supports legislation that guarantees enough funding, within three years, to support optional full-day kindergarten for all families who wish to participate.

State investment in early childhood education, including optional full-day kindergarten, is important to the success and wellbeing of Utah families, as well as of our state's current and future economic stability.

  • Building Up Youth

  • Canyons School District

  • Cache County School District

  • Centro de la Familia

  • Children's Service Society

  • Early Childhood Alliance

  • English Language Center of Cache Valley

  • Envision Utah

  • Freedom Preparatory Academy

  • Friends of the Children

  • Granite School District

  • Holy Cross Ministries

  • Intermountain Health Care (IHC)

  • Joint Legislative Committee (JLC) of USSA/USBA

  • Kane School District

  • Mountainland Head Start

  • Murray City School District

  • Neighborhood House

  • Northern Utah Educational Services

  • Primary Children's Hospital

  • Powerful Moms Who Care

  • Project Success Coalition

  • Providence Hall Charter School

  • Root for Kids

  • Rural Utah Child Development

  • Salt Lake Chamber

  • Salt Lake City School District

  • Sevier School District

  • South Summit Elementary School

  • South Valley Chamber

  • State Charter School Board

  • Summit Academy

  • Tooele School District

  • Treeside Charter School

  • Uintah School District

  • United Way of Northern Utah

  • United Way of Salt Lake

  • United Way of Utah County

  • Utah Education Association

  • Utah Afterschool Network

  • Utah Association for the Education of Young Children

  • Utah Association of Secondary Schools Principals

  • Utah Child Care Cooperative (UC3)

  • Utah Citizens' Council

  • Utah Head Start Association

  • Utah School Superintendents Association

  • Utah School Boards Association

  • Utah Pacific Islander Health Coalition

  • Utah Parent Center

  • Utah Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

  • Utah State Board of Education

  • Utah Working Parents Alliance

  • Voices for Utah Children

  • Walden School of Liberal Arts

  • Wallace Stegner Academy

  • Washington County School District

  • Weilenmann School of Discovery

  • Women Tech Council

  • YWCA Utah