Support Optional Full-Day Kindergarten on Capitol Hill!

Join us at the Utah State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City to talk to state legislators about why optional full-day kindergarten is important for families across the state!

FDK Days on the Hill will take place on Wednesdays during the legislative session, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. You can attend one or all of these dates: 

You can RSVP here, or you can just show up! 

Kids are absolutely welcome. We are doing this for them, after all. 

For more information, contact Lía Báez at

Advocacy Tookit

This toolkit is designed to help optional full-day kindergarten advocates speak up for the education and wellbeing of our children. Use these resources for everything from writing your legislators to scheduling visits at the Utah State Capitol to posting on social media.

Other ways you can support optional FDK in Utah

Record a quick video sharing why you support Optional Full-Day Kindergarten Expansion    

Contact your legislators and urge them to support funding for Optional FDK Expansion

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What did FDK access look like in your school district in 2021-22?